13 – 15 May 2019

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Serve to Succeed

People who serve others beyond the call of duty are 40% more likely to be promoted over the next two years but they’re also nine times more engaged – they have more fun. The latest research shows that serving others activates the reward centre of our brains and even makes us live longer! When we serve others we serve ourselves. Drawing on the Zulu tradition of Ubuntu or humanity you will learn seven key principles of successful service:

• The three A’s of service excellence: Able, Available and Amiable
• How a smile and a thank you increases sales – and boosts your happiness!
• Why listening is more important than speaking.
• Nelson Mandela’s three-step ESP charisma method to create instant rapport – which Justin experienced first hand!
• The three step apology that immediately defuses customer frustration
• Why it’s better to over-communicate than under-communicate.
• How exceeding expectations in little ways produces big results

Nick Christellis

Customer Service is just like a work of art. A masterpiece!

You can study an artist’s technique….what he does, how he does it, and practice it to perfection, but will you ever paint a masterpiece?
Because that is like painting by numbers.
A great artist is not only great because of technique, because of skill. No.
They paint themselves into the painting. It is a reflection of who they are.
Customer Service is the same.
Learn the technique, the steps, and execute them. It’s like Customer Service by numbers. It lacks authenticity. Lacks impact.
This presentation will look at what ‘wow’ customer service is and will have you reflecting on yourself as the ‘artist’, Know who you are!
Like who you are!
Realise how you can achieve your own vision and goals by delivering ‘wow’

Nick Christelis is the dynamic and knowledgeable Managing Partner of Nick Christelis & Associates, a consultancy that has specialised in Aligning Strategy, People and Performance since 1980. As a performance management consultant he has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a facilitator, speaker, trainer, coach and business strategist.

Gavin Sharples

Please Do Disturb

Everyone is talking about disruption. They all talk about UBER and Airbnb but nobody talks about the practical, personal, everyday applications.

Please Do Disturb unpacks the necessity of disturbing, disrupting and destroying outdated and defunct thinking, products and systems.

We discuss that only by disturbance can we grow and without destruction and disruption life would not be possible, and show that most if not all of the great breakthroughs in the world in all fields, have only occurred due to destruction, disruption and a disturbance of the status quo. People in companies that don’t wish to be disturbed get stuck.

Rob Forde

An American Experience

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