11 & 12 June 2019

Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel & Convention Centre


Create the Futurist

Internationally renowned speaker, futurist and business strategist is not only viewed as a thought leader in his field, but is used by hundreds of companies to do one thing: convince people that the ability to create the future is within themselves.

His presentation has been equated to watching a blockbuster movie. It is not an usual response, as his presentations use the same techniques of novelty, storytelling, high impact visuals and soul penetrating music.

Pieter is one of those rare academics whose passion, knowledge and energy combine into a cocktail that is not only inspiring, but also downright entertaining.


The African Millenial – Your next Customer

This talk covers the desires and fears of African Millennials covering in depth research specifically around South African millennials, how they make decisions and currently view spend. It covers creative solutions being rolled out to leverage your internal millennial workforce to reach those outside your organisation to offer relevant solutions to understanding your new customers.


The Upside of Down

Bruce Whitfield, is a multi-platform award-winning financial journalist. His work on radio, television and in print gives him unique access to South Africa’s biggest power brokers in business and money.

Bruce has been named Financial Journalist of the Year three times in the past decade by independent judges in the annual Sanlam Awards and has received recognition for his work on the economy, companies and personal finance.

This engaging new talk brings perspective at a time of deep uncertainty and takes audiences on a roller coaster ride through 50 years of our history to provide some context to today’s challenges.
Nenegeddon was not the end. What felt cataclysmic at the time of Nhlanhla Nene’s firing in December 2016 is actually proving to be a catalyst for change – a slow and painful catalyst – but a catalyst nevertheless.

Despite the noise and the chaos over more than five decades, South Africans have prospered. Although negativity and despondency have reached new levels recently, history proves South Africans are resilient and have risen above these testing circumstances. History books verify that claim and Bruce will use those illustrations to push forward.


How to Catch a Crook…. In Heels

Devi is an award-winning investigative journalist who has spent the past 25 years in the media. For the past 16 years, Devi, an MBA graduate, has focused her efforts at Carte Blanche, South Africa’s leading current affairs television programme, gaining a reputation for being fearless (despite being in numerous life-threatening situations) in exposing corruption wherever it may exist.

This hilarious, yet motivational talk focuses on Devi’s early life in KZN, and a behind-the-scenes look at her investigative work on Carte Blanche, the longest running news and actuality show in the southern hemisphere.


Back to Basics

Quinton has addressed audiences in 40 countries around the globe and left them enthralled as he fills the room with his charisma and energy. He skilfully demonstrates how Mother Nature herself is the author of the most definitive guide to personal and business success that one can find anywhere in the world today.

Using spectacular visuals of wildlife and the tribes of Africa, Quinton’s memorable analogies vividly drive home the necessity to get ‘Back to Basics’. Enhanced performance, continuous improvement and ultimate success can only be achieved once ‘The Basics’ are firmly in place!
Quinton’s message is powerful. His persona is dynamic, bold and animated. No text-book-quotations, no bullet-points, no ‘rah-rah’, no talk about himself … just down-to-earth, raw, real and relevant truths that relate directly to improved performance.

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