2019 Conference Speakers

In 2019, the line-up of speakers for New Zealand’s National Conference is fantastic! Hear from a variety of successful business people, sales agents, and motivational speakers. Read about them below.


keynote speakers

Andy Lark

Marketing & Digital Leader. Entrepreneur. Amazon best-selling author. Speaker & Coach.

Andy Lark is globally recognised for his marketing and leadership in high growth start-ups and Enterprises. He has built one of the most successful SaaS start-ups into a global software powerhouse; launched apps used by millions every day; lead the transformation of Australia’s most vibrant financial services brand; and, built one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world.

Most recently he was the chief business officer for global accounting software company Xero – named by Forbes as the world’s most innovative company. He previously held senior positions at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dell, LogLogic, Sun Microsystems, Nortel Networks and Fleishman-Hillard. He is a non-executive director of Mercury Energy and SLI Systems. Andy, a Kiwi, is a passionate supporter of NZ and Australian entrepreneurs and he has won over 100 awards for work in building brands and creating online capabilities. His work was recognized with the NZ Government’s prestigious World Class New Zealander Award and the Flying Kiwi Award for outstanding contribution to the NZ technology sector.

John Maclean

Inspirational Speaker.

During fitness training near his hometown in June 1988, John was hit by an 8-tonne truck as he rode his bike.

The impact resulted in John suffering multiple breaks to his pelvis and back, a fractured sternum, punctured lungs, a broken arm, and left John a paraplegic.

It took astonishing courage and determination, but somehow this near-fatal accident was the making of him. Despite the grief of what he had lost, the excruciating physical pain and the challenges of daily life in a wheelchair, John decided he would become bigger and stronger than ever. He set about proving himself in the toughest sporting events the world had to offer.

snapshot speakers

Chris Helder

International Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

Chris Helder is a business communication genius and master storyteller whose presentations have radically transformed how thousands of people worldwide communicate with clients, customers, colleagues, staff and teams. He has been a professional speaker for 18 years and has done over 2,450 presentations around the world.
He is the author of three bestselling books “The Ultimate Book of Influence” which has been published in five languages, “Useful Belief”, which is one of the highest selling Australian business books of all time and Cut The Noise which is about achieving better results with less guilt.
His global client list includes: Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Glaxo Smith Kline, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Fuji Xerox, Levi’s, Realtor.com and Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of communication, influence, human potential, leadership and mastering the face-to-face customer experience.

Trav Bell

The Bucket List Guy

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy…The Worldʼs #1 Bucket List Expert.

As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav helps people live their Bucket List before it’s too late! His unique life-engagement message wakes people up, stops ground-hog days & engages people to seek more fulfilment.

He says, “A Bucket List is a tangible Life Plan…where our Business Plan or Career Plan should fit into our Life Plan & not be the other way around.”

No one practices what they preach more than Trav. His ‘crazy’ globetrotting adventures are contagious, hilarious & always fresh. He is author of the book, The M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint, a TEDx Thought Leader, a globally recognized Certified Speaking Professional & is also the CEO of Bucket List Coaches who are on a mission to help 10 million #BucketListers #tickitB4Ukickit.

Before Trav became ʻThe Bucket List Guyʼ, he founded & franchised a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with 1 client, he & his team went on to do over 2 million personal training sessions & motivated 10’s of 1000’s of clients.

This is why Trav is now regarded as one of the world’s most in-demand personal development speakers.

property management speakers

Leonie Freeman

Business Futurist, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Leonie Freeman has spent her whole career in the property industry and is currently the Chief Executive of the Property Council of New Zealand.

She is a business futurist, property consultant and entrepreneur.
This has included creating the concept of what is now realestate.co.nz. This venture was originally known as RealENZ.co.nz and was one of the first major commercial websites launched in NZ in August 1996.

Her next project involved the purchase of a small run-down residential property management business. Leonie totally transformed ‘Interactive’ before selling it in 2007.

In the past 10 years she has focused on making a contribution. This has included time in the public sector which included being brought into Housing New Zealand as the General Manager of Development with responsibility to turn it around in 2014.

She has been a director of the listed company – Goodman Property Trust since 2011.

In October 2016 she launched a philanthropic and independent initiative with the sole purpose of solving Auckland’s housing crisis called thehomepage.nz, and has been a regular and sought after print, radio and TV commentator.

Leonie was awarded the Property Institutes Life membership and the Supreme Property Award for 2017.

Sadhana Smiles

Chief Executive Officer – Property Management, Harcourts International Ltd

Formerly the CEO Harcourts Victoria, and Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Sadhana Smiles takes us through her journey from real estate receptionist to becoming an accomplished speaker, author, industry commentator and leading one of our top performing states.

Recently named one of the most influential women in Australia,
Sadhana will share her thoughts on what it means to be a change
maker, a corporate activist and having a positive impact on the
issue of diversity and parity.

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