29 September 2021

11.30am – 2.00pm

Events on Khyber

Level 2, 155 Khyber Pass Road


Meet the Speakers and Inspirational Women Ambassador

Karin Horen

Karin Horen is a mum of three children, a twice breast cancer survivor who has been advocating for breast cancer awareness and cancer rehabilitation since 1999.

Born and raised in Israel, Karin arrived to New Zealand in 2009. Since then she co- founded Paddle For Hope (2011), The PaddleOn program in alliance with Pinc and Steel, fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Cancer Rehabilitation, which helped hundreds of cancer sufferers. She created a mastectomy friendly swimwear line One Of Us with Aurai swimwear leading to a parade at NZFW in 2018 where breast cancer survivors marched for the first time and at the end of 2019 published her book “I am more than just my tits”.

Karin is a motivational speaker and a coach. Karin has been working as a real estate recruiter for over two years and lately announced that she will be joining William Corporation residential development team in August.

Recently Karin has been selected as one of 25 leading ladies for Eye Magazine.

“Helping people is the core of my existence. I made a promise to myself years ago when I was firstly diagnosed at the age of 26, to give from my experience. I believe that we are here to learn and teach, to tell our story as we never know who will be touched by it”.

Clare Ellis

From unconscious to conscious.

Moving to New Zealand 23 year ago with her now husband Richard, Clare and her family, Jacob 18, and Lucy 16 live in Greenhithe.

From 2007 Clare has worked in Real Estate here on the North Shore, currently managing a large office for Harcourt Cooper & Co in Browns Bay. She enjoys her commute to and from work listening to her favourite podcasts.

Clare finally got to be in the driver’s seat for her life rather than a passenger!

Shelley Duncan

Shelley was born in Kawakawa in the far north and moved to Wellington at an early age where she did her schooling in Tawa. She went on to study travel and tourism and settle up the coast in Paraparaumu where she got married and had 2 children – Jakob 19 and Libbi 17.

She is a surrogate mum to many of the kids’ friends and will do anything for them to make sure they are all happy. from pick up and drop offs, cooking for them, an ear for any of their worries and even driving a 4 wheel drive so it could be towed. You name it she has done it! Shelley is hardworking and has certainly had her fair share of struggles but has definitely come out on top.

She may not be wealthy but she is certainly rich in all other areas of her life with the amazing people she is surrounded with.

Her motto is ‘Always Believe’ and if you work hard you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Jackie Parker

Jackie has for the past 4 years been Inspirational Ambassador for the Northern Region for Harcourts New Zealand.

A firm believer in people forget what you say, forget what you do, but they remember how you made them feel. Being in this privileged position I get to meet and connect with women from all different walks of life and listen to their amazing stories and through Inspirational Women can work towards making our fellow members feel welcomed, listened to and heard.

If you feel you would be willing to share your journey please don’t hesitate to make contact with me and allow us to help you acknowledge how inspirational you really are.

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