Events World Cup

Who is the best events team in the world?

8 July 2017

6.00pm – 10.00pm

HIL Office

31 Amy Johnson Place
Eagle Farm QLD
Click here for more information

$50+GST (per person)

Includes complimentary champagne on entry

About the Events World Cup

This is going to be the best event ever!

Text in the about section should be things like, why would someone want to attend. For example, attending the Events World Cup is a great competition where you will see the best events people compete to create the best event ever.
Also include any features to the event and benefits for attendees or maybe some history about the event. Other than that this is really just filler text so whatever you think people might want to read here is good but I would recommend to keep it relatively short so about two paragraphs should be good.

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