In 2017, the line-up of speakers for South Africa’s National Conference are truly incredible! Hear from one of South Africa’s best loved survivors, an adventurer, a Trenovator TM , an internationally renowned speaker and an Australian real estate guru.
You don’t want to miss this year’s fantastic speaker line-up!

Read more about them below.

Brett Archibald

Miracle at Sea

MIRACLE AT SEA is an amazing story of Brett Archibald’s survival at sea against all odds. Brett tells his incredible story in such a gripping way that those in the audience are transported with him into the horror of the twenty eight and a half hours during which he had to draw on every ounce of self-belief, will to survive and application of life principles that ensured he lived to tell of his own miraculous rescue. Brett’s story includes all of the intertwining pieces that connected during those terrible hours to ensure his safe return to his family. It is a tale of hope, survival and belief with such an incredible ending that it has audiences enthralled, enraptured and applauding at the end.

John Sanei

What’s your Moon Shot?

This Talk is a practical approach to creating a holistic strategy. John reflects on his personal journey to narrate insights and provide an accessible guide on how to be “Forever Profitable”. The audience is introduced to the internal strategy as an essential combination of personal tools that are needed to prevent self-inhibition and encourage a positive mindset. The external strategy is then served as a step-by-step guide to the methodologies that John has developed over the years as he unpacks the notion of innovating with purpose and designing your Moon Shot.
John is a trend specialist, business strategist, entrepreneur and speaker with 20 years of
experience in engaging with clients around the world, and across diverse industries.
He has developed a methodology called Trenovate™, which categorises and contextualises trends to help you innovate at every touch point and remain Forever Profitable.

Lee Perry

Sealing the Deal with the power of connection

Lee Perry is a Business Owner of Harcourts Mandurah and has twice achieved No 1 National Sales Constultant for Australia.
Lee will be discussing small easy to implement things that an agent can do to put them ahead of their opposition in a listing opportunity.
The part that agents miss is that we all have the same amount of time between taking the call from a seller and then sitting to present, we can all offer the same marketing, the same sign and the same amount of home opens, but no one can offer YOU. Lee will be talking about how you can put a little piece of you into the presentation.

Peter Van Kets

Impossible to Nothing

Peter van Kets is one of South Africa’s top adventurers and international keynote/inspirational speakers and a passionate conservationist, He has just returned from an unsupported race across Antarctica to the South Pole to commemorate Scott and Amundsens race 100 years ago.

His presentation is pure motivation and focuses on the 888km unsupported Scott-Amundsen Race to the South Pole with a few anecdotes from the rows across the Atlantic.

Buhle Dlamini

Unleashing your Greatness

Buhle Dlamini a global keynote speaker, having worked with companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Samsung and more. He is a passionate about sharing his insights on personal greatness, leadership, organisational culture and managing diversity with his unforgettable humour, stories and impeccable business acumen.

Raised in a rural village in South Africa, Buhle Dlamini beat the odds to become a top South African entrepreneur and international speaker. He met and worked with iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela and received an award from Desmond Tutu. Now based in Canada with an office also in South Africa, he regularly travels between the two countries, the USA, Mexico as well as other nations.

In this inspirational presentation, Buhle will help you discover keys that will guide you in unlocking your greatness as a leader, as a team or as an individual. Greatness is a choice to rise above mediocrity to achieve what’s truly possible for you.

Mike Green

Average or Outstanding?

Mike has the rare opportunity to meet and work with some of the very best and most successful in the real estate industry around the world. Success leaves clues! Mike will share the key strategies and attributes of those achieving outstanding results. He will also share practical, ‘easy to do’ steps and initiatives to take your business to outstanding.

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