In 2018, the line-up of speakers for New Zealand’s National Conference is truly incredible! Hear from a variety of successful business people, sales agents, and motivational speakers.

Read more about them below.

Margie Warrell

A best selling author, international speaker and media commentator, who has interviewed the likes of Sir Richard Branson and hotelier Bill Marriott

Ever look back and wish you’d been braver? Ever held back from a tough conversation only to regret it later? Many do.

The titles of her bestselling books – Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Brave and Make Your Mark – reflect her passion for empowering people to take braver actions and lead bigger lives. Drawing on her background in Fortune 500 business, psychology and executive coaching, Margie has run leadership programs with organizations around the world such as NASA, Microsoft, Facebook and the United Nations Foundation. She has interviewed global leaders such as Richard Branson and Bill Marriott, sharing their insights in her Forbes column. She is a regular expert commentator in the media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, FoxNews and the Today Show. Margie has learnt a lot about courage and resilience since growing up on a small dairy farm in rural Australia and has had many adventure travels through over 70 countries from Algeria to Nepal, Peru to Papua New Guinea. Needless to say, when it comes to living bravely, Margie speaks from experience – most recently attempting kite surfing with Richard Branson and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and four teenage children.

Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is an international business leader, founder, and educator. His company Red Rose Consulting counsels business leaders and employees on creative thinking, marketing, and leadership.

A CEO for 22 years, Kevin has an uncompromisingly positive and inspirational leadership style, with an ability to generate ideas and emotional connections that accelerate extraordinary value. Kevin’s latest book 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World (2016) offers frameworks and solutions for winning in a business world that has become volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous. He is Chair of the following organisations: Unfiltered (business education platform); Beattie Communications (UK creative communications consultancy); My Food Bag (New Zealand home food delivery service); and CricHQ (the world’s largest digital platform for cricket). Kevin’s career was built in sales, marketing, and leadership roles at Mary Quant, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Lion Nathan, Saatchi & Saatchi (17 years as CEO worldwide) and Publicis Groupe. Kevin has authored several books including 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World (2016) and Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands (2004), published in 18 languages. Lovemarks was named one of the ten Ideas of the Decade by Advertising Age in 2009. He is a former director of the New Zealand Rugby Union and former chairman of USA Rugby. He also served on the Board of New Zealand Football and as a Trustee for a Team New Zealand America’s Cup challenge.

Cam Calkoen

Dreams of a world where everyone is inspired to embrace opportunity, and our physical being is no barrier to succeeding in our dreams and aspirations.

It is dreams that have brought the world to what we see today and our aspirations that will propel it into the future. No one can walk and talk at birth. Some people like Cam, are presented with this likelihood for the rest of their lives. He chose to defy the odds, and now showcases what can be achieved when we identify a challenge, leverage our opportunities and uniqueness, and indeed live for awesome! Born with Cerebral Palsy Cam was told that his biggest challenges would be the way he walks and talks, he dreamed big becoming an athletic gold medallist, highly effective charitable fundraiser, social entrepreneur and now a globally renowned inspirational speaker who ignites a connection and clarity between inspiration, dreams and people.

Through strength of human attitude and potential Cam chose to embrace the challenges he was born with, and harnesses his gifts to live in the pursuit of excellence and make life as awesome as it can be. He is a living example that life is what we make it, and the values needed to achieve awesomeness are simple – we need to believe! In doing so, we leave no stone unturned. Through charisma, stories and artistic flair Cams presence sees people identify the unturned stones on the path, he ignites, inspires, enlightens and delights others by modelling what it looks like to dream big and achieve more!

Jake Millar

Jake Millar is a 21-year-old New Zealand-born new-media and education entrepreneur currently expanding his second venture into the United States. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unfiltered, his second startup in the past two years.

A born entrepreneur, Jake was selling magnets outside the Supermarket in Greymouth from the tender age of seven under the brand of his first business, “Jake-O-Magnets.” Fiercely independent, Robyn (Jake’s Mum), used to drop him off at the supermarket and come back 5 hours later. Generally he had made about $45.00… a killing! Jake is a passionate, honest and insightful speaker who is eager to inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve their biggest and boldest dreams. Jake tells his story in an engaging and energetic way which helps people understand how they can take their business, and life, to a whole new level. He allows people to see that he is certainly no “genius kid,” just a hard¬working risk-taker following a thirty-year plan. Jake passionately believes that everyone can do what he has done, and thrives off educating people how they can do that.

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