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Tuesday 6th September

09:30am Registration
Tea & Coffee
10:00am Setting the Growth Gap & Interfirms
Richard Gray
Are we really setting the bar high enough to challenge ourselves. How big and bold leadership is needed to win the game. Then… What can we learn from this years Interfirms.
10:45am The Journey to next level growth
Steve Caradoc-Davies
There came a time when my decision to grow took a courageous commitment. Structure and systems in my business became essential for sustaining that growth.
11:45am Comfort break
12:00pm Better in Blue – Taking it to the next level
Julian Buckmaster
The Recipe for Success is clear and the ingredients are available. A programme to ensure that the Significant Few are adopted in your business
12:30pm Recruitment solutions for Growth
Jan Myburgh & Monique Emser
A variety of Solutions on offer for the most challenging aspect of real estate business management – Recruitment and growing the Team
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm A Digital Brand Future
Rudi Massyn (Massyn Media)
Our opportunity to Dominate the digital marketing space and create a long term sustainable competitive advantage
3:00pm Getting your own back – Skills development Levies
How does SDL work and how can I get my contributions back?
3:45pm HTrack – Getting you up to speed
Anton Jansen van Vuuren
The latest, hottest, game changing improvements in HTrack. Why using HTrack will change your business and make you realise you can’t do without it.
4:00pm Rental book Solutions
Dennis Randall (Payprop)
Practical Solutions for the challenges of Landlord and Tenant demands
4:45pm AGM – for shareholders only
6:30pm Networking Dinner

Wednesday 7th September

09:00am Inducting recruits for long term retention
Mauro Mosca & Louis Barbosa
No doubt that the first few weeks of a new recruit are the most taxing on them and Business owners and managers. This is where we lay the foundation that will ensure their success or failure in the next 12 months. Learn from an office that has perfected inducting new recruits.
10:00am Growth through Market Domination – Lessons from Christchurch
Jo Clifford, HIL
“One Team” – just two words, but the culture behind them can ensure that Harcourts offices sharing areas can truly dominate their Market and finish off the competition at the same time.
10:30am Comfort break
11:00am Commercial Brokerage – a Growth Opportunity
AJ Cochrane
An update on opportunities that we are creating for commercial brokerage as a growth initiative
11:30am Making the most of LPS
Richard Gray
Luxury Property Selection – competing in the luxury market through superior advertising and promotion. Introducing the revamped LPS.
11:45am Social Finger Lunch
12:30pm World CafeŽ Conversations on Growth
Sharon Kersten
Sharing knowledge and insight into leadership challenges, fostering culture and implementing the value proposition.

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